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Counts how many times you eye blink while spending time in front of a screen
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Dry eye syndrome is a common condition that most of us suffer from when working at our computer for long hours. We tend to fix our gaze on the screen and simply “forget” to blink as often as we should, resulting – in the best of cases – in eye irritation, soreness, eye fatigue, and red eyes. Eyeblink is a tiny clever tool that measures your blink frequency and trains you to keep your eyes moisturized to avoid the serious consequences of dry eye syndrome.

Setting eyeblink to measure your blinking rate couldn’t be simpler. The program makes use of your webcam and a number of sophisticated algorithms to detect and count every time you blink, and thus provide you with statistics about your blink frequency. Just set your webcam in a position where your eyes can be easily detected and just work normally for at least 30 minutes under good light conditions (otherwise, your eyes won’t be detected by the camera and your blinks will go unnoticed). That is the minimum time that eyeblink requires to provide you with reliable statistics about your blink frequency. You will then be informed about how well or bad you’re doing – if your blink frequency falls below 10 times per minute, the program will kindly remind you to blink every now and then on a discreet pop-up window.

Once the initial settings have been adjusted, eyeblink can be set to control your screen’s brightness automatically, to determine the frequency of the reminders, or to switch on and off your blink rate monitoring. Additionally, you can also change your proxy settings, change your camera selection, and reset your statistics at any time. Eyeblink will then work silently in the background measuring your eye health by counting your blinks tirelessly and sending you reminders when necessary.

This useful little utility offers different licensing schemes for personal, business, and research purposes, so that everyone can benefit from its many healthy rewards without becoming too onerous. You can also try it for 14 days for free, and see for yourself how important controlling something as trivial as blinking can be for your eyes health.

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  • Measures your blink frequency while you work
  • Automatic brightness adjustment
  • Customizable reminders
  • Easy to set up


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